Plan, Design, and Implement a HADR Solution - a Journey.

Have you ever struggled to get a HA and DR solution for a single instance with more than 50 applications, 100 database and a 4 TB of data? Over the years, HA and DR has been a challenge with SQL Server. As the product evolved so the options simplified for achieving a feasible HADR solution. In this session I will walk you through various projects I have worked on in the past 8 years. I will start with the basic DR solution built using Log Shipping, an alternative to AGs in SQL 2008 using Powershell/.Net and SAN Replication and the lastest 4 node, two site cluster built with Availability Groups.


About the Speaker

Manohar Punna is an SQL Geek and Presiden of DataPlatformGeeks by passion and a Data Platform Consultant by profession. He is a speaker at various SQL Server Day events and user groups, SQL Saturday Melbourne and Sydney, SQLBits XIV conference and SSGAS conferences. He has authored over 150 blogs and has written a One DMV a Day series which is a longest one day series on any topic on SQL Server till date.



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