The Transaction Log and how it Affects HA/DR

When choosing the appropriate SQL Server HA/DR solutions, it is important to understand the SQL Server Transaction Log as it affects any solution you choose. In this session, we will look at transaction log basics, how logging and recovery works and how it affects all of the HA/DR solutions available in SQL Server. You'll be surprised to know that the transaction log is the most important part of your database.


About the Speaker

Edwin M Sarmiento is a Microsoft Certified Master & SQL Server MVP from Ottawa, Canada. He specializes in high availability, disaster recovery and system infrastructures running on the Microsoft server technology stack, ranging from Active Directory to SharePoint and anything inbetween. He lives up to his primary mission statement:"To help people and organizations grow and develop their full potential.".

​You can follow Edwin digitally on twitter (@EdwinMSarmiento) or his blog



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