SQL Server on Flash - Re-Thinking Best Practices

Flash storage is a game changer for virtually every app in which it is used. Whether used locally, for tiered storage, or all-flash arrays, flash is turning what we thought we knew about SQL Server best practices on its head. In this vendor agnostic presentation, learn how contemporary IT environments are incorporating flash as an integral & vital part of their architecture – bare metal or virtualized. Standardizing on in-server flash is vital for optimizing performance, scalability, costs, reliability, & availability.


In this session Jimmy will cover:

  • A review of fundamental I/O concepts
  • SQL Server use cases
  • Implementation details for flash
  • Dispelling of some myths
  • Demo flash and learn how:
    • flash flips the /faster bit
    • the significant impact flash makes not just in terms of performance, but also best practices
  • Document the massive savings in licensing driven by consolidation on flash, savings so substantial flash often pays for itself


About the Speaker

Jimmy May is a SQL Server Solutions Architect for Fusion-IO, a division of SanDisk. He is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM). He’s formerly a Principal Architect at Microsoft as well as Senior Program Manager for the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT) where he managed the Customer Lab which hosts the biggest, fastest, & most interesting SQL Server apps from all over the world. He is a founder of the IndyPass &IWUG user groups. Jimmy’s passion is “Flipping the /faster bit”; hit motto is “Change the world or go home”


Jimmy blogs at http://sqlblog.com/blogs/jimmy_may and can be found on Twitter as @AspiringGeek or LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/aspiringgeek.


The Session slide deck are available here ...


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