Silver Tier Manager Service

Silver Tier Service

Tailor-made support option for companies that require assistance with their day-to-day SQL Server Database activities but who still like to be "hands-on" with some SQL Server Database Management. The Silver Tier offering provides a comprehensive list of services to support the SQL Server environment, however some tasks are allocated to eh in-house SQL Server resource. This tier does offer 20 days Gold Tier service to cover the in-house resource if they are on annual leave or sick leave.

SQL Masters Consulting takes responsibility for the following:

  • Daily Monitoring of database activity
  • Regular database re-indexing
  • Regular database consistency checks
  • Restoring production databases
  • Database instance configuration changes
  • Applying database hotfixes, security alerts, patches and service packs
  • Escalation of unresolved alerts and errors
  • Supporting in-house DBA's in resolving alerts and errors
  • 20 day coverage of Gold Tier service support a year


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